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February 2019 Expenses Breakdown

February was my panda month. I was so lazy to do anything. Mandi ‘pagi’ on weekends are usually at 8-9.00pm. Stuffs like that. I don’t cook for breakfast, only oreos/cereal everyday without fail. Loyal customer of food panda for lunch and dinner. Boo me.

So basically most of my spending goes to food (obviously). Groceries expenses are mostly for Kashmir trip and also food for my family when I’m in Kashmir (which didn’t happen) (separate post on this later). 90% of Shopping and Personal Care were also meant for Kashmir. Eh everything also for Kashmir la senang cerita. Emo

I will be sharing my personal finance journey in my blog as well as other stuffs. For those who knew me personally and accidentally found this website and my PF IG, you can just pretend you don’t know me. Hahahaha

Anyways my target for March would be a bit of kerajinan to masak and pack food for lunch. Healthier and cost savings. 

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