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March 2019 Expenses Breakdown

Hello!! I’m back with my expenses breakdown. My goal for March was to eat more homecooked rather than buying food panda or grab food. Anyhow, I achieved my goal. However, I discovered that my expenses is slightly ok I lied but horribly much more than February expenses. 

I have religiously key in every single expenses in my beloved Spendee Apps. It’s my 2019 resolution. I spent overall of RM 4,956.00 and RM 4,149.00 for March’19 and Feb’19 respectively. Below is the breakdown of food consumed and groceries spent from Jan’19 to  Mar’19 for comparison.

Now I know where my money goes and why I’m getting fatter. Damn it 😛

I think I went too far with groceries. I got too carried away while searching for the finest freshest (is this even a word?) yet cheapest squid in Pasar Modern Sec.6 Shah Alam. Maybe I was too excited because it has been quite some time before my mood masak made a comeback haha. Anyhow lesson learned. I should have made a budget for groceries like what I usually did. I made an exception for March and padan muka.

Anyhow, my food panda and grab food expenses was way lower as compared to my home cooked meal was because I normally ordered 3 packs of fried rice everyday. In a day I only spent an average of RM21 for lunch and dinner for 3 pax since the portion is quite big.

Ermmm… my home cooked meal usually consists of prawn, red snapper, gold snapper, mackerel and the list goes on and on and on. See below for my usual groceries for reference.

Disclaimer: below pic is for 1.5 to 2 months worth of wet food groceries. We are not dinosours.

Now do you understand when I told ya that I got carried away when I do groceries shopping

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    Hi you have a great content here. I’m a newbie to blogging world. Love the way you write.They are humourous and entertaining.

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